Compare Driving Test Software

Comparing Driving Test Software For UK Learners

Most Popular UK Driving Test Software

What is the most popular driving test software in the UK currently? Well, at the time of writing the highest seller is:

Driving Test Success

successThis is the biggest UK driving test software seller for a reason, it has a wealth of features, including:

  • Theory test: Information on the test, help, advise and all of the current UK theory test questions.
  • hazard perception test: You can run through scenarios just like the ones on your real test from the comfort of home.
  • practical driving lessons: Videos which walk you through each aspect of your driving test so that you know what to expect on the day itself.
  • the official highway code: A digital version of the entire and latest highway code book is included.
  • mock driving test:  You can sit through a video driving test showing you exactly what will happen on the day. This ends with a debrief from a test examiner.

What’s more – if you don’t pass first time, they offer a refund.


So – are there any drawbacks to this software? Well, there are a couple of annoying niggles:

Firstly, you have to sit through a fairly long introduction which explains all the tests. It’s a bit annoying that they put that at the start rather just the relevant chunk when you first launch each test. That said, it’s not too long and it is useful to know.

Some of the videos could be higher quality. On the hazard perception test there are occasions where you’re really having to notice just a small blur in the distance as a hazard…but, that said, you get the idea when you review them so it’s annoying, but not vital.

Overall, the navigation and “look” of the software is a bit dated. The contents is all there, everything you could need, but the presentation does let the software down slightly. It’s a good buy and would certainly help anyone with the tests.

Cost / Where To Buy:

At the time of writing we have found it available here, for £6.82. That’s a very good price for this much content. If they could just smarted up the software side of it a little bit then this would be near perfect.


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