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Comparing Driving Test Software For UK Learners

Best LGV and PCV Driving Test Software UK

Drivers looking for software to help pass their LGV and PCV tests in the UK have a number of options. Here we look at the two most popular packages, both which are very good.

#2 – The Official DSA Theory Test for Drivers of Large Vehicles

81JNX1FEFcL._SL1500_Available here £15.42

  • Every theory test question
  • Hazard perception videos
  • Explanations of answers
  • Focuses you on areas needing improvement
  • Digital copy of the highway code
  • Voice-over options for those with reading difficulties

This is a very professional package which will undoubtedly help you to pass your LVG of PCV tests. The theory questions are all there and are presented well.


  • The hazard perception videos are poor quality and of limited use
  • This does not work on Windows 8 or Mac
  • No digital version to download

#1 – The Complete LGV & PCV Theory Test

UntitledAvailable here £22.28

  • Every theory test question
  • Hazard perception videos
  • Digital copy of the highway code
  • Printable test questions
  • Can copy audio versions of questions to a phone or MP3
  • Digital download available

This package has slightly more features than the above, allows you to listen to questions on an MP3 player and has a digital download available (get it here). Everything you need is there.


  • Hazard perception tests are poor – often hazards appear before the computer recognises your click
  • There is no Mac version
  • The digital version costs more which seems unfair


Despite the limitations noted above, “The Complete LGV & PCV Theory Test” gets my vote as the better software package at this point. There are areas for improvement and hopefully we will see these in newer versions of the software.



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